Earning his art degree in 1995, he went on to study visual communication and fine art. He paints with a mixed technique and is keen on placing graphical elements in his works. He has always held a firm belief that paintings and graphics are inseparable which he never could or wanted to detach. His colours and shapes reveal a unique touch. The figures of his paintings dance on a visible net - they embrace, fly, perform circus acts, look for contact with one another, embrace and enjoy life. This spatial net is flexible. The artist threads his emotions and moods in this net and wanders in time and space accordingly. His faith in universality is closely connected with balance. He believes that while artists explore some ways in all their work, it is in the tiniest details that they achieve wholeness, and that’s what matters. When the smallest elemental particle is in place, that’s when the work is complete. The birth of the simple and extraordinary ispreceded by a great deal of energy and experience.